depressed fracture

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fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in

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I am saying on the basis of literature attached to my probe report that golf stick causes depressed fracture.
KARACHI -- Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad's CT scan in Dubai shows depressed fracture of zygomatic arch of skull, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced on Monday.
A CT scan carried out after Shehzad was taken to a Dubai hospital in some pain showed a depressed fracture of the zygomatic arch (cheek bone) of his skull, a PCB press release said.
Fortunately despite suffering a depressed fracture of the skull the baby did not have any internal or lasting injuries and did not require surgery.
In rushi's postmortem reports, line fracture was mentioned, while if a person, as per expert's opinion, was hit with golf club, depressed fracture would only come out," the defence lawyer argued.
After being rushed to hospital by ambulance, 42-year-old Mr Jawaid, from Birmingham, had seemed to be making a good recovery from a depressed fracture to his skull.
He had a depressed fracture of the sKull with fragments of bone pressing on his brain for which he needed surgery.
Sandaza was forced to undergo emergency surgery on Thursday and will spend four months on the sidelines after suffering a fractured eye socket, a depressed fracture of his skull and a broken nose.
Examination revealed a deeply depressed fracture on the inferior aspect of the right parietal.
The 46-year-old - later to die in unrelated circumstances - was beaten so badly four bones in his face were broken, his eye was swollen shut, and he suffered a depressed fracture to his skull.
He is now recovering at home from a complex depressed fracture which caused his skull to penetrate his brain.
One of the blows to the crown had caused a depressed fracture which had impacted on the brain.
She galloped back to Ron Hodges' yard but, on the way, hit a parked car that had its bonnet up, sustaining a depressed fracture of the skull and severe damage to both front legs and her near-hind fetlock joint.
His victim suffered two skull fractures in the attack, including a depressed fracture which pushed bone into his brain.