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Synonyms for depressed

Synonyms for depressed

Synonyms for depressed

lower than previously


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flattened downward as if pressed from above or flattened along the dorsal and ventral surfaces

filled with melancholy and despondency

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The findings also offered an important cue to action, as over three-quarters of depressed fathers reported talking to their child's doctor in the previous year.
"As a family we would like to challenge the system and for the GP to be allowed to release information to the next of kin when someone is depressed. It would save the lives of a lot of people in the future."
KEYWORDS: Depressed skull fracture, Head injury, Glasgow Outcome Scale.
Table-II: Comparison of perception of insufficient milk (pim) and edinburgh postnatal depression (epds) amongst the depressed and non-depressed mothers and independent sample t-test (n=100).
In a multivariate regression analysis adjusted for demographics, cardiovascular risk factors, prior disease diagnoses, medications, and other potential confounders, the "remained depressed" group was 33% more likely to experience a cardiovascular event than was the nondepressed group, she said.
"The fact that depressive thoughts do not seem to go away once they enter memory certainly explains why depressed individuals have difficulty concentrating or remembering things in their daily lives.
Among that group, 45% of those who were depressed were obese, and 32% of those who were not depressed were obese.
For example, research using depressed and non-depressed college roommates provides evidence that depressed individuals are rejected in face-to-face interactions with others (Hokanson, Rubert, Welker, Hollander, & Hedeen, 1989; Joiner, 1996; Joiner & Metalsky, 1995; Strack & Coyne, 1983).
" I am saying on the basis of literature attached to my probe report that golf stick causes depressed fracture.
The 14 depressed cases who completed the assessments included 9 males and 5 females with a mean (sd) age of 32.4 (7.5) years and a range in ages from 19 to 54.
Queendom's data indicates that the most common underlying reasons why depressed people procrastinate include:
Methods: The present study comprised of 120 participants ( 60 mothers and 60 children) divided in depressed and non depressed group after screening from normal population).
Clinical depression is often associated with impaired cognitive function, but a new study suggests that depressed individuals may have at least one mental advantage over their healthier peers.
One real test to see whether YOU are really depressed is to ask if you'd cheer up a bit if - say - someone suddenly gave you pounds 200 or your favourite pop star walked down your street.
The study found depressed fathers were four times more likely to report spanking their child and also were less likely to report reading to their child.