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Synonyms for depredate

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

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Different ant species may not have equivalent effects on Miami blue larvae but, based on our observations, we doubt that many ant species regularly depredate larvae.
Certainly, the importation of Arabs into Sudan, is just yet another desperate attempt to depredate the country's complexion, and rob it-even more- of its African identity.
This difference appears on circuit breaker and can cause such amounts (2 to 3 time of nominal voltage value) that can depredate isolation of transformer, load and circuit breaker.
Kim can then proceed to depredate the property as residential real estate (27.
It cannot be denied, that [penitentiaries] have been Seminaries established and sustained at the public expense, for educating, in the most effectual and thorough manner, hundreds and thousands of villians [sic] to depredate and prey upon the very communities which have thus encouraged and fostered them.
Plodding south with his wagon train in 1839, the American merchant Josiah Gregg found that Apaches "continue to lay waste the ranches in the vicinity, and to depredate at will.