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Synonyms for depreciatory

Synonyms for depreciatory

tending to decrease or cause a decrease in value

tending to diminish or disparage

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Robin has fallen into the trap of inferring that "the graveyard of ambition" is a depreciatory expression.
Someone just went out of their way to say something nice, and we respond with a depreciatory remark.
In a statement issued over Bilawal's depreciatory statement, the Rabita Committee said Sindh's health ministry is being run by some of the highups of the PPP.
23) In his classic work on the Constitution Beard observed that "[t]he opposition to the Constitution almost uniformly came from the agricultural regions, and from the areas in which debtors had been formulating paper money and other depreciatory schemes.
We forecast the currency to trade within a long-term depreciatory trend, and to average RUB35.
The mean value shows that during the sample period, the average return of gold is positive and that the exchanges rates of the seven currencies are depreciatory.
As noted in the first citation, to be more Black carries with it a burden of depreciatory consciousness, resulting in a dis-identification from blackness.