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Synonyms for depreciative

Synonyms for depreciative

tending to decrease or cause a decrease in value

tending to diminish or disparage

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The study findings offer insight for improving educational messages targeting depreciative behaviors that could be applied to the Bear Lake corridor and other similar frontcountry, day-use areas in other national parks.
D'apres l'historiographie traditionnelle, sa naissance remonterait originellement a la representation depreciative des Indiens Tainos (Arawaks) des Grandes Antilles a l'endroit de leurs ennemis irreductibles des Petites Antilles, les Caraibes (Kallinagos) consideres comme belliqueux et anthropophages.
Dariusz Kowalczyk, forex strategist at Credit Agricole CIB, said while the trade data does not mean China is headed for a hard landing, it will put depreciative pressure on the yuan, in part because it makes additional monetary stimulus from Beijing more likely.
The elite, elitism were considered notions with negative, depreciative connotations even, conceived as a minority which would be contrary to the majority, fact which could not be accepted in communism.
In Book VIII, Plato again reverts to depreciative representation of
tagging the enunciation data how the author is Verb in present time with certitude present in the text value; the positive certitude characterize the willing of convincing * the mode by imposing ideas (all verbs are in express the author's present time) adhesion to the enunciation sur/bien sur/certes/ * mode/times gros deboires * adjectives / mode adverbs retards importants * value judgments pester contre * depreciative terms to inform, to convince * language acts quotes--role of demarcation << le e-commerce, c'est parti pour de for citations -for foreign bon >> terms and English words << point com >>, << group buying >> * the punctuation Ca marche
A national newspaper this weekend was sneeringly depreciative.
Specifically, what some have called a heavy-handed and unilateral approach has been taken by the countries of the OECD vis-a-vis the international financial centres (which when located outside the OECD have the depreciative label of 'tax havens')," he said.
Both sides nourished depreciative stereotypes about each other, contributing to an "us" versus "them" divide, especially among first-generation immigrants.
For example: depreciative recognition when hierarchical relations in economic institutions are replicated in everyday life; misrecognition which over-identifies an individual with their social role, leading to invisibility if the individual is excluded from institutional membership; and unsatisfactory recognition when institutional rules and roles shape a personal identity at odds with an individual's self-conception.
Looking at the number of citations, we may say that history revised this depreciative judgment long ago.
Sous cette section nous aborderons les questions que le juge de premiere instance qualifiera de philosophiques, une allusion quelque peu depreciative.
7%) observed is a depreciative characteristic of the carcass (HUIDOBRO & CANEQUE, 1993b).
My book is puerile, a depreciative term meaning merely boyish.
Given the overall tone of the poem, the humour is at best merely depreciative.