depreciation rate

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the rate at which the value of property is reduced

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1992 Depreciation Rate (1) (2) (3) % State Mean Mean Owned Depreciation Depreciation Firms in Rate for Rate for Industry Industry SOE Non-SOE Power 98.
As discussed above, the dependent variable is the vehicle's realized depreciation rate as a percentage of its price at the beginning of the period.
If true, the depreciation rate will be underestimated, especially if the data include few recent reentrants.
They were cost of repair (Cost Index), frequency of repair (Trouble Index), miles per gallon, weight, and depreciation rate.
In the first instance, the model ties down a priori the long-run response of investment to a change in the real rate of interest: The capital stock and, consequently, long-run investment rise by 1 percent for a 1 percent decline in the cost of capital (based on an estimated elasticity of substitution equal to one); and the percentage decline in the cost of capital for a given percentage decline in the rate of interest varies inversely with the depreciation rate of capital.
2010) show that the choice of the depreciation rate may affect MFP estimates.
For computerized information, they used the depreciation rate that BEA uses for custom software.
when the scholar rate of time preference is greater than the depreciation rate of academic work.
The move led to an unjustified increase in the cost of vehicles and increase in general costs taking into account the depreciation rate.
In reaching this opinion, the Taxpayer's appraiser applied an 8% to 16% depreciation rate and excluded any costs attributable to the builder's overhead and profit.
de Rassenfosse, Gaetan (2013) "Survey-data Estimates of the R&D Depreciation Rate," paper presented at the IARIW-UNSW Productivity Conference, November 26-27, Sydney, Australia, November.
The annual depreciation rate is different in the first and last year the property is placed in service because of the application of the midmonth convention.
Rioja (2003a) assumed that the depreciation rate of public capital is determined by public expenditure on maintenance.
4 petrol model expected to retain 96 per cent of its value in the first six months - a depreciation rate of just pounds 2 per day.
Under this concept, depreciation of all assets coming within specified categories would be calculated by applying the depreciation rate on the written down value which would be computed as follows: