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an allowance for loss due to depreciation

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These provisions are an expansion of depreciation allowances and a reduction in the corporate tax rate.
The Roster Depreciation Allowance (RDA) is a tax law that allows a purchaser to depreciate (or, more accurately, to amortize) almost the entire purchase price of a sports franchise.
In its 2008 tax return, Stine took the GO Zone allowance--an immediate 50% depreciation allowance for nonresidential real property placed in service on or before Dec.
Under current law, the expanded expensing and accelerated first-year depreciation allowances are considered tax expenditures and are candidates for reform.
Bonus Depreciation * Companies should consider putting new business equipment and machinery in service before year-end to qualify for the 50 percent first-year depreciation allowance (or bonus depreciation allowance).
If it purchases and places the property in service in 2012, it can claim a 50% first-year depreciation allowance of $300,000 0500,000 x .
At issue are the tax credit for biofuel producers and a special depreciation allowance for biofuel plant property.
100% Bonus Depreciation--The 100% bonus depreciation allowance applies for qualified property acquired and placed in service after Sept.
The prime example of a situation crying out for a business to opt out of 100% bonus depreciation is one where there are about-to-expire net operating losses, the value of which would be lost if current-year income were reduced too much by claiming the maximum depreciation allowance.
The local auto makers were dealt with yet another hard blow when the maximum depreciation allowance for the imported used cars was raised from 50% to 60%.
A taxpayer may elect out of the bonus depreciation allowance for any class of property for the tax year.
n Initial depreciation allowance at 50% of plant, machinery and equipment cost
427 were found due to under-assessment of tax due to inadmissible/excessive grant of depreciation allowance during 2001-02.
Industry forecasts for the year," Borden continued, "have been revised slightly upward by many sources and, if Congress passes the bonus depreciation allowance, this could accelerate growth even further.