depreciation allowance

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an allowance for loss due to depreciation

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In its 2008 tax return, Stine took the GO Zone allowance--an immediate 50% depreciation allowance for nonresidential real property placed in service on or before Dec.
The special depreciation allowance under Section 168(k) generally provides the following four requirements for property to be eligible for 50% bonus depreciation:
Bonus Depreciation * Companies should consider putting new business equipment and machinery in service before year-end to qualify for the 50 percent first-year depreciation allowance (or bonus depreciation allowance).
n Initial depreciation allowance at 50% of plant, machinery and equipment cost
427 were found due to under-assessment of tax due to inadmissible/excessive grant of depreciation allowance during 2001-02.
Industry forecasts for the year," Borden continued, "have been revised slightly upward by many sources and, if Congress passes the bonus depreciation allowance, this could accelerate growth even further.
Re-proposing or extending other current or past tax incentives, including the 15 year leasehold improvement depreciation and the extension of the current 50 percent bonus depreciation, which allows property owners to deduct 50 percent of the cost of qualifying property in addition to the regular depreciation allowance.
It is also important to point out that depreciation limits on business vehicles are up to $8,000 higher for automobiles, trucks, and vans for which the special depreciation allowance applies.
The second provision provides an additional 50 percent special depreciation allowance for property acquired and placed in service during calendar year 2008.
They include the accelerated depreciation allowance, which permits the entire investment to be depreciated to zero in six years, 70 percent in the first three years.
Americans will see an enhancement of section 179 and a 50-percent bonus depreciation allowance.
Businesses may also be able to take an additional first-year special depreciation allowance for new equipment ordered and placed in service during 2008.
The natural resources of Indonesia are valued as capital asset, and a depreciation allowance for its maintenance is estimated and incorporated into a Keynesian model of income determination for estimating sustainable income.
The bill creates an accelerated depreciation allowance of 50 percent in the first year to purchasers of new recycling equipment installed after Dec.