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  • verb

Synonyms for deprecate

disapprove of


Synonyms for deprecate

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for deprecate

express strong disapproval of

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(12) He wrote deprecatingly to Ted Sanderson of "The Brute" in November 1907: "I send you an Yankee [] with a story of mine [...] Read the story in the train and throw the magazine out of the window" (CL 3: 508).
The term "boy bands" refers, somewhat deprecatingly, to manufactured young-male singing groups with roots in R&B, from the Jackson Five to the Backstreet Boys.
"We saw everything from behind, meeting nothing but people walking away, gesturing deprecatingly." Ostracism and bullying, birthday gifts of a bicycle, boat and moped successively wrecked, rock-filled snowballs hurled and Knud's mother's very name, Hildegaard, a favorite taunt.
No wonder he deprecatingly terms Utopian Dreams "a bemusingly ambitious book" which "may fall far short of the intention" (5).
He describes his earlier work deprecatingly in that same preface as the result of having "left the Muses' haunts to turn/The crank of an opinion-mill," although, admittedly, it was for the purpose of "turn[ing] the soil for truth to spring and grow."
Matthews often deprecatingly suggests that there is much in his book that is not new.
Advocating the right of the people of God "to take back the power to ordain and carry it out themselves," she refers deprecatingly to "apostolic secession" (sic!).
After explaining that "jungle fever," the title of a Spike Lee movie, is used popularly and deprecatingly among blacks to mean interracial sex among whites and blacks, Little says that he wishes to use jungle fever "to point less to an interracial dynamic per se than to the cultural and multicultural anxieties giving rise to these scenes as sites and sights through which England as a nation and empire chooses to name and visualize itself" (15).
[At this moment, the two interviewers laugh deprecatingly, disbelievingly, overriding her voice with their own "explanation," as one calls out, "You had a lot of guts!"] Hanna F.: [simultaneously]: No, no, no, no, there were not guts, there was just sheer stupidity.
Later in Malibu, people who might have been called Pete and Rose might have served drinks, talked deprecatingly of Ring Lardner and stared at the stars made clear by their vantage point on just the right side of the bluff and been at a loss for words to justify Reagan's lack of loathing despite the temper he had demonstrated in the SAG days when he wanted so much to be a Communist but the party would have none of it.
(20) Comedy can be referred to deprecatingly and self-deprecatingly in this way (e.g.
In the course of a song, Naomi and Jack's sweet rendition of "My Lord What a Morning," Simmi, the tough follower of Michael X, puts the moves on Abigail, who deprecatingly resists.
They were able to find a small metal pole building that Linda deprecatingly refers to as a "farmer's shed," and they were in business.
I set out for King's one afternoon in pouring rain, leaving behind a bleak Strand, to be confronted by a jocular, open and friendly figure somewhat deprecatingly assembling himself in a brilliant scarlet Harvard doctoral gown as he prepared to go off to some university function.
The book is therefore, as Professor Lass deprecatingly observes, 'a kind of hybrid: a cross between "a book on English" and an introduction to some major aspects of English linguistics'.