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She smiled a faint smile, a wistful, deprecating smile.
But other changes are perhaps less obvious: to wit, Microsoft is deprecating Paint in the Fall Creators Update, and may remove it entirely.
As of press time, Aggiornamenti Lumia has updated its post to indicate that Facebook has already confirmed its move of deprecating the Messenger app.
UNICEF is also working on supplying safe drinking water to the flood victims and sanitation in the areas where the water is deprecating, he said.
Containing brilliant, self deprecating lines like "I can't really dance, but baby won't you dance with me?
I also no longer have any use for your magazine, which I find to be dishonest to, and deprecating of its customers.
Each poet ultimately celebrates his own self-image while condemning the alien nature of the other by deprecating the metaphorical body representing it.