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The cook drew himself up in a smugly humble fashion, a deprecating smirk on his face.
I am not so much indifferent on that subject as I am waiting in suspense," said Stepan Arkadyevitch, with his most deprecating smile.
The Prince spread out his hands - a deprecating gesture.
With a deprecating smile, the host gently raised and gently lowered his shoulders.
Tulliver never went the length of quarrelling with her, any more than a water-fowl that puts out its leg in a deprecating manner can be said to quarrel with a boy who throws stones.
Illustrated with splendid images that capture the harsh grace of an alien landscape, armchair explorers will enjoy this book full of self- deprecating wit and charm.
Caroline is very funny -- she's self deprecating, she's intelligent, she's smart, she's sensitive, and she cares about people in a way that's very relatable and accessible.
UNICEF is also working on supplying safe drinking water to the flood victims and sanitation in the areas where the water is deprecating, he said.
Each poet ultimately celebrates his own self-image while condemning the alien nature of the other by deprecating the metaphorical body representing it.