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  • verb

Synonyms for deprecate

disapprove of


Synonyms for deprecate

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for deprecate

express strong disapproval of

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Aware his decision might cause controversy, the judge said he was conscious the council might feel the delay in carrying out the evictions was to be deprecated.
Topics include creating links between pages, displaying tables, collecting information from visitors with forms, frames, deprecated markup, and taking the web site live.
Two things good about this, apart from getting the search right by entering just the names, were that there was no need to capitalize the name and that 'kallicrates' an alternative spelling much deprecated in this country produced a decisive 'No matches found'.
The fact that Cardiff Bus has again come under attack from stone-throwing yobs in the Pentwyn area is to be deprecated. We are fortunate that there has not yet been a death from these actions.
Fra ncoise Charles-Daubert shows that even among the skeptics in the seventeenth century, who should have appreciated his support of philosophical freedom, Cremonini was deprecated because of his rejection of Copernicanism.
Gosling says: "At one time Java actually had that and vestiges of it remain as deprecated methods.
"The Christian must realize that as a follower of Christ he becomes a descendant of Abraham," the Pope said, adding that, with this intimate conviction the Christian "cannot allow that a Jew, just because he is a Jew, is deprecated or, worse, mistreated."
A collection of his works appeared in 1572, including his tragedy Saul le furieux (1562) and De l'art de la tragedie, the most important piece of French dramatic criticism of its time; in it La Taille deprecated the native drama and insisted on the Senecan model.