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moral perversion

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You only have to look at league tables for wealth and depravation to see that, the further a region is from London, the poorer it gets.
The losses were due to a change in the mathematical formula used to calculate allocations from one based on depravation to a new emphasis on the amount of elderly people.
The forum will include information from a doctor about the lasting effects of nutrition depravation, and a lawyer to discuss potential litigation.
This is why they vote for voodoo policies that are responsible for economic depravation, environmental damage and jeopardizing our country's security.
The most deprived data zones in Aberdeen are, according to Scottish Index Of Multiple Deprivation, in Tillydrone, Middlefield, Torry, Woodside, Seaton, Cummings Park and Northfield - but there are smaller pockets of depravation in Mastrick and one in Stockethill.
He assured the JUI-F leaders of his party participation in the conference, saying that QWP was committed to address the masses' sense of depravation, insecurity and uncertainty.
It is imperative to extend optimal help for those who have already experienced addiction putting into consideration that addiction is, above all, a malady and not, by any means, a behavioural depravation," Dr Abdul-Aleem said while pointing out that "addicts should be encouraged to seek treatment from specialists and not depend only on family advice to try and quit the addiction.
That abuse on this scale and of such depravation can occur in our supposedly civilised society in this day and age should be of great concern to us all.
His computer and mobile were seized under depravation orders.
Liverpool city centre has been improved beyond recognition in recent years - but the sad, unpalatable fact remains that you only need to walk for a few minutes out of the centre to find scenes of decay and depravation.
These photographs really do call into question our popular image of the mid 1930s, a time which, history tells us, was full of poverty, depravation, unemployment and deep unease about Herr Hitler.
I think my eid holidays will be spent sleeping to compensate for the depravation.
Judge Morgan told Thomas: "As a result of your depravation, your victim lost a sum of pounds 21,967.
Animals are suffering depravation, disease and neglect on farms.
If Fannan can pass on the knowledge built up over a lifetime in the sport, Frankie Dolan offers little more than sleep depravation, crying, vomiting and other even less pleasant bodily functions.