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Synonyms for deposition

Synonyms for deposition

a formal declaration of truth or fact given under oath

Synonyms for deposition

the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

(law) a pretrial interrogation of a witness

the act of putting something somewhere

the act of deposing someone


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In particular, the deposition of iron (Fe) and alumina (AI2O3) are sought using the same instrument, and without breaking vacuum.
From this foundation, later in the deposition the questioner can gain admissions or, with an expert, opinions.
Former Tax Court Rule 74 allowed the IRS to take a taxpayer's deposition so long as the taxpayer consented to the deposition, which almost never occurred.
Keywords Chemical vapor deposition, Surface morphology, Growth mechanism, Zirconium carbide
An adjuster may have to give a deposition for various reasons.
Atmospheric mercury concentrations, dry mercury deposition rates, and wet mercury & position rates were predicted on a 500 m Cartesian grid up to 5 km far from those power plants.
Less than three weeks later, the Ben rys' counsel served on all defendants o notice that Howard's evidence deposition would be taken on February 25.
Esquire Deposition Services, LLC is the leading provider of local court reporting and other legal support services in the U.
In the Request, Peyrelevade contends that interlocutory review is appropriate and necessary in this case because the ALJ's ruling improperly resolves a controlling issue of law by denying consideration of Peyrelevade's deposition testimony and by barring Peyrelevade from preserving his testimony by way of a testimonial deposition pursuant to Rule 263.
The Plaintiff was ordered to submit to a continued deposition consistent with the decision of the court.
To address the paucity of data regarding PM deposition in the lungs of people with preexisting pulmonary disease, a pilot PM center project investigated the potential for retrieval of morphometric data from three-dimensional images of tracheobronchial airways obtained in vivo by X-ray computerized tomography (CT).
Awakowicz, TU Munich; "Pulsing surface discharge at atmospheric pressure for dielectric surfaces sterilization and barrier deposition," P.
Ash deposition rates and properties have been quantitatively measured in laboratory experiments and in situ for black liquor.
Samples of wet deposition were collected for the entire wet season.