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Synonyms for depose

Synonyms for depose

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for depose

make a deposition


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"Alberto Montani, confectioner, deposes that he was among the first to ascend the stairs.
"Paul Dumas, physician, deposes that he was called to view the bodies about day-break.
Au total, 56 candidats ont depose leurs dossiers de candidature a l'Instance superieure independante des elections (ISIE) pour l'election presidentielle anticipee du 15 septembre en Tunisie, a un jour de la cloture du depot des candidatures, a-t-on constate ce vendredi a Tunis.
Mumbai [India], Apr 10 (ANI): Indian batsman KL Rahul, will depose before Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) ombudsman DK Jain in Mumbai on Wednesday for making sexist comments on a TV show.
One of Bill Cosby's accusers got her day in court on Wednesday as a judge ruled in her favor to depose the 81-year-old comedian.
Another prosecution witness Suleman Saeed was also to record his statement but as the hearing in the case was adjourned for today (Wednesday) so he would depose before the court today.
ISIS is seeking to depose Assad and we are told this is good.
She also said she does not want depose anything against Singh.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Scholars of the Levant Union stressed that the decision of the Tunisian president to depose the Mufti of Tunisia, Sheikh Othman Batikh, because of opposing the takrifi calls and terrorism against Syria is a dangerous step that came in submission to the foreign pressures and extremism.
"L'avocat Samir Sabri a depose une plainte au Procureur general, le conseiller Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, pour empecher le marechal Hussein Tantaoui, ancien ministre de la Defense, de quitter le pays, jusqu'a sa comparution devant la justice, dans des recours presentes a son encontre", a rapporte l'agence officielle, MENA.
SNAP responded in a court filing April 6, writing that any more attempts to depose Clohessy would amount to a "true fishing expedition."
6 -- India on Thursday agreed to send the investigation officer of the Mumbai attacks, Ramesh Mahale, to depose before a Pakistani court.
It should be Africans who depose Mugabe to avoid any suggestion that the Western or white races are trying to depose him.