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the condition of having reduced numbers of inhabitants (or no inhabitants at all)

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Jeff Albright, CEO of the Independent Insurance and Brokers (IIAB) of Louisiana, attributes the "healthy" market rebound to an influx of new, non-traditional players in the marketplace, who sought to grow their business while State Farm and Allstate "took significant losses as a result of Katrina and Rita and had their own depopulation strategies to shrink their market share.
Contract notice: Depopulation of breeding animals (eb-2015-062).
To mitigate the risk for human infection and the potential for genetic reassortment, federal workers involved in the depopulation were required to wear personal protective equipment, including N95/North 7700 masks, gloves, goggles, and biosafety suits and footwear.
According to the NBA full decoupling will not only get beef farmers off their current management spike but create new opportunities for beef production which should counter cattle depopulation.
Fears of depopulation were somewhat less acute in the Soviet Union, because its birthrate recovered to near pre-war levels by the mid-1920s.
By 1984 population growth rates were already below their record levels, and since then they have plummeted around the world (if anything, it's the specter of depopulation that haunts many nations).
Since up to now all architects and planners have been educated in design programmes which have assumed continuous economic and urban growth, the questin is whether we have been adequately equipped to understand and design for conditions of urban 'under-crowding', depopulation, and negative economic growth.
Given the extensive damage to and depopulation of the city, property tax collections were originally forecast at a conservative 50% of billings.
The policies are set for depopulation from Citizens Property Insurance Corp.
Bulgaria is among the EU countries with largest depopulation of rural areas (-13.
Sunburnt cities; the great recession, depopulation, and urban planning in the American sunbelt.
If this attitude prevails, we will see more deprivation, dependency and depopulation of Welsh speaking communities, resulting in both the Welsh language and the economy being losers.
June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Poe Financial Group member company, Atlantic Preferred Insurance Company, announced today it had assumed 12,457 wind policies from Citizen's Property Insurance Corporation's High Risk Account under the State of Florida's depopulation program.
We believe that our presence is one of the causes stimulating this and we hope this will reverse depopulation.
While the Quebec government drew attention to the depopulation issue during the campaign (which ends on election day April 14), only the pro-life activists and candidates of the Christian Democratic Party made it clear that more is needed than raising the birthrate.