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reduce in population


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"This criminal deal forcefully depopulates cities," Adib Al Shishakli said, adding that it is tantamount to striking them with chemical weapons.
The census not only shows a smaller proportion of Iranians living in villages, but it also shows that the absolute number of villagers has dropped as the countryside increasingly depopulates.
CryoLife says the SynerGraft technology depopulates the native cells of the donor femoral vein providing a collagen matrix that has the potential to repopulate itself with the patient's own cells, possibly eliminating the risk of tissue rejection and reducing the risk of infection in implanted patients.
December 1991: After the Yugoslav republic of Bosnia declares independence, Serbia, the largest republic, embarks on a campaign of "ethnic cleansing," depopulates entire regions of Bosnian Muslims.
The CryoValve-SG process depopulates the native cells of the donor heart valve leaving a collagen matrix with the same functionality as Cryolife's other cryopreserved heart valves.