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reduce in population


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Speaking at a fringe event organised by the Association of North East Councils (ANEC) and Northumbrian Water, the minister said: "Alan's made the case on many occasions about the need to make sure that housing, and rural housing and small community housing is available for those who need it otherwise you simply depopulate the countryside.
His prior professional experience includes serving as the director of a program to depopulate the Florida Residential Joint Underwriting Association under former Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson, and as vice president of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.
From the Duc d'Orleans' Palais Royal these Orleaniste Jacobins unleashed their agents to terrorize, de-Christianize, and depopulate France, in the name of "reason" and the creation of a "Republic of Virtue" based on "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity." Christianity was outlawed and churches were closed and/or desecrated; crucifixes were trampled on; Catholic Mass was forbidden; priests and nuns were butchered, exiled, or forced to apostatize.
Territorial cohesion also remains an enormous challenge: faced with over-urbanisation and its corollary (poverty), rural zones continue to depopulate.
This is the truth beneath the 200 sociologists' assurance that their proposal for dispersing the poor would not "depopulate the city of its historically black communities." But this is a sleight of hand that seeks to sanitize class cleansing with a patter of racial respect.
Bradshaw says that the earlier concentrations shouldn't be used as thresholds for the proposed European water standards because the only way to meet those targets would be to depopulate the region.--S.P.
A misanthropic youth fantasizes about dogs that depopulate the world at his command.
Most plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packages depopulate the center area of the array or use the center for only power and ground connections.
"Because the number is so small we have decided to depopulate those flocks altogether.
It addresses a very real failing of modern environmentalism, which for all its virtues, tends to dehumanize and metaphorically depopulate....
Each of the essays contained therein exposes the range of intellectual and ideological tools used to deny, visually depopulate and/or distort the Palestinian landscape, thereby making it "legitimate" space for foreign occupation.