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reduce in population


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Most plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packages depopulate the center area of the array or use the center for only power and ground connections.
Because the number is so small we have decided to depopulate those flocks altogether.
It addresses a very real failing of modern environmentalism, which for all its virtues, tends to dehumanize and metaphorically depopulate.
Each of the essays contained therein exposes the range of intellectual and ideological tools used to deny, visually depopulate and/or distort the Palestinian landscape, thereby making it "legitimate" space for foreign occupation.
Critics say the exodus is the result of a deliberate government policy to depopulate the area.
the USA itself spends $375 million a year on "family planning" programs the purpose of which is to depopulate underdeveloped countries as much as possible.
The paper states that although the startup community could help depopulate Citizens, the complex assumption process may have stymied the business opportunity in Florida.
The Singita cat haven at Oat Mountain, the former Nike Missile site, will provide homes for as many as 300 feral cats, in an effort to depopulate the colonies, while operating spay and neuter programs and adoption services for others.
If we simply cut subsidies or let small farms merge we will depopulate the countryside and many rural settlements will close down.
During their farming ventures they managed to depopulate a large number of villages to increase their grazing area and their profit.
such plans to depopulate the area from seven Palestinian communities as part of
How many students will it take to depopulate our city of people of the working population, necessary to staff the shops, bars and public amenities?
Commercial poultry producers and emergency management personnel can use the Avi-FoamGuard to safely mass depopulate broiler chickens that have become sick or infected with avian influenza (AI).
Bulgarians, particularly those in Southern Dobrudza, have harbored fears that if the Romanian moratorium is lifted, the technology will for sure affect Bulgarian regions close to the Bulgarian-Romanian border and will destroy the soil, poison the waters, and depopulate the region.