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Synonyms for depone

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for depone

make a deposition


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In addition to T for totum (all), there was N for nihil (nothing), D for depone (put), and A for aufer (take), closely corresponding to the Hebrew letter meanings associated with gimel, nun, shin, and heh.
La revolucion" relata cuan contenciosas son las elecciones para alcalde de la colonia y como un grupo de disconformes depone a uno por no cumplir con sus promesas.
Ei fu nemico; Ora al cesareo piede L'ire depone, e giura ossequio e fede.
Lenibus imperiis quotiensque, educet in agros Aetolis onerata plagis iumenta canesque, surge et inhumanae senium depone Camenae, cenes ut pariter pulmenta laboribus empta.
Watt, 54, repeated hers in the north-east dialect saying: "I, Maureen Watt, depone aat I wull be leal and bear ae full alleadgance tae her majesty Queen Elizabeth her airs an ony fa come aifter her anent the law.