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eliminate the polarization of

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Her interpretation of the results is that in sensory nerves with both the chloroquine itch receptor and the wasabi pain receptor, when chloroquine binds to its receptor, it subsequently opens the wasabi receptor, which depolarizes the nerve cell and sends an itch signal to the brain.
This will depolarize the cell because of the influx of cations through the AMPA receptor ion pore.
If the stimulus is great enough and fast enough to cause the membrane potential to depolarize below a certain threshold level, an action potential will be elicited.
He set out to change this, to depolarize the terms of the debate and to reconcile the growth vs.
NMBAs either depolarize the per-and post-synaptic membrane receptors or compete with acetylcholine for binding of the acetylcholine receptors at the neuromuscular junction.
The role of cobalt in this mechanism is to depolarize metal oxides.
SpringTMS is a prescription-only device that utilizes single-pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (sTMS) to induce very mild electrical currents that can depolarize neurons in the brain.
Moreover, the induced currents are well below the levels that cause nerves to depolarize.
When light enters the eye, photic energy causes retinal cells to depolarize and release glutamate.
Low energy neutrons depolarize rapidly in orthohydrogen, while those below 15 meV retain their polarization in a parahydrogen target; hence, it is important to ensure that the liquid hydrogen target is prepared and maintained with the very low equilibrium ortho-hydrogen concentration of 0.
An action potential arriving at the presynaptic terminal will depolarize the membrane and activate the channels.
Neurons usually fire only when their membranes depolarize in response to signals from other neurons.
One drawback is that AC can depolarize the zinc grounding cell allowing more cathodic protection current to pass through the cell.
GCS-100's ability to depolarize cancer cells' mitochondria and induce Bcl-2 mediated programmed cancer cell death response, while not being limited exclusively to the Bcl-2 pathway, makes GCS-100 a very exciting drug candidate for treating a broad spectrum of cancers.
Sonucta bu ilaclarm kullanimi ile trombositler surekli depolarize durumdayken, pulmoner arter duz kas hucreleri ise surekli serotoninemik bir vaskuler tonusa maruz kahrlar (35).