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eliminate the polarization of

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Under KCl depolarizes incubating conditions, the MFME effect on insulin release was similar to extract treated control.
How a group of brain cells depolarize at exactly the same time is a mystery, since it cannot be explained by physical connection between those cells.
Polarization cells are similar to zinc grounding cells in that as AC depolarizes the internal plates it can lower the back voltage, which may compromise the operation of the cathodic protection system.
He showed that the potential drops linearly along an insulated cable placed between a battery and ground just like the temperature drops across a substance placed between a heat source and a heat sink.] If the stimulus is great enough and fast enough to cause the membrane potential to depolarize below a certain threshold level, an action potential will be elicited.
Charles Stone will discuss Better Angels, a citizens organization working to unite red and blue Americans in an alliance to depolarize America, during an appearance before the Geneva Rotary Club at 7 a.m.
When these receptors are activated, they open up and depolarize the nerve cell, which transmits an attention-grabbing pain signal through the spinal cord to the brain.
NMBAs either depolarize the per-and post-synaptic membrane receptors or compete with acetylcholine for binding of the acetylcholine receptors at the neuromuscular junction.
Neurons usually fire only when their membranes depolarize in response to signals from other neurons.
Automaticity means that a cell is able to spontaneously depolarize and respond electrically.
Instead, Clinton's aides announced that they intended to "depolarize" appointments and shape "a judiciary truly independent of any pre-set agenda, liberal or conservative."
Low energy neutrons depolarize rapidly in orthohydrogen, while those below 15 meV retain their polarization in a parahydrogen target; hence, it is important to ensure that the liquid hydrogen target is prepared and maintained with the very low equilibrium ortho-hydrogen concentration of 0.1 %.
Stimulation above a certain threshold causes an area of the nerve cell's membrane to reverse its resting electric charge, or depolarize, as positive sodium ions rush into the negatively charged cell.