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a loss of polarity or polarization

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DRS and TSDC are dielectric related techniques: in DRS the sample is submitted to a ac electric field and the real and imaginary parts of the permittivity are measured as a function of the frequency; in TSDC the sample is submitted to a dc electric field, the polarization is frozen by cooling, and the depolarization current is recorded on heating allowing the calculation of the kinetic parameters of the relaxation modes [9], We will carefully explore the orientational and space charge relaxations, looking at the local and cooperative processes, and eventually at some chain diffusion process.
The mean electrical axis (MEA) of ventricular depolarization was calculated in the frontal plane by the vector method with leads II and III.
This result suggested that tacrine-induced depolarization of mitochondria initiated ROS formation.
For instance, a decayed off-potential or a rest potential with insufficient depolarization time may still be more negative than the native potential, or fall below the potential range shown in Figure 2 due to prior cathodic polarization.
a physician researcher and colleagues studied early afterdepolarizations (EADs), an abnormal depolarization during the plateau phase of the heart electrical activity (action potential) that can initiate arrhythmia, and a hallmark of LQTS.
Animals exposed to DE had increased sympathetic modulation, prolonged ventricular depolarization, and shortened repolarization periods, and they developed arrhythmia at lower doses of aconitine than controls.
Smirk described this morphology as an R wave superimposed on T waves, representing a ventricular depolarization of an ectopic beat on the preceding T wave.
The QT interval is the time required to complete myocardial depolarization and repolarization period.
As depolarization lasts longer, the membrane is unable to repolarize, resulting in flaccid muscles.
We use this system to map the spread of spontaneous and paced ventricular depolarization in real time, at high resolution, on the epicardial surface in a porcine animal model.
By setting value ranges and sample rate intervals through the web application, clients are able to improve pipeline integrity by analyzing trends in on/off potentials, AC values and depolarization test data.
In fact, we believe our results above overestimate the MRI signal for the following reasons: (1) The magnetic field of an action potential consists of a biphasic signal with both depolarization and repolarization signals.
M1) showed decrements in Ca;{2+} clearance following depolarization (Ca;{2+} Recovery time, Ca;{2+}RT) that were antagonized by BB.
Since the 1930s, we've known that the optimum width of pulse necessary to produce neuronal depolarization is at most 0.