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a loss of polarity or polarization

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"The chemical changes that lead to death begin with depolarisation," Dr Jed Hartings of the University of University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine and a member of the research team told Newsweek.
Okonkwo et al., "Spreading depolarisations and outcome after traumatic brain injury: a prospective observational study," Lancet Neurology, vol.
In the presence of digoxin the system I produces membrane sodium potassium ATPase inhibition of archaeal membrane and a paroxysmal depolarisation shift.
In addition, MCGs were better able to identify differences in the distribution of cardiac magnetic field strength during repolarisation and depolarisation between normal subjects and cardiac patients.
With the depolarisation debate creating a frenzy of IFA takeovers, sales, mergers and partial equity stakes, a new website - - has been set up to help IFA's (independent financial advisers) looking to buy or sell businesses in conjunction with Birmingham-based Financial Services Legal (FSL).
Called 'depolarisation', the FSA's grand plan is intended to widen the range of financial products available to consumers and to give a clearer picture of what we get for our money if we pay fees rather than commission.
On Wednesday a new regime, known as depolarisation, governing the way financial advice is given and products are sold, comes into force.
The second patent - number 6,205,263 - relates to a depolarisation technique which reduces the degree of polarisation of narrow line width laser sources in a variety of applications, while the third - number 6,247,849 - covers a mechanical device that prevents exposure to high power optical devices.
Objective: Propagation of depolarisation and repolarisation in myocardium results from an interplay of membrane potential, transmembrane current, and intercellular current.
Depolarisation has created a third type of IFA known as a multi-tied adviser who can sell products on behalf of a number of different companies, without covering the whole market.
Last month depolarisation was brought in with the advent of a middle ground adviser known as multi-tied.