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Synonyms for deplume

strip of honors, possessions, or attributes

strip of feathers

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Ciarelli, who writes under the pen name Nick dePlume, started the site when he was 13 years old.
When in 1866 a satirical weekly edited by a Spaniard attached to the insular Office of Public Finance, El Duende (The Goblin), took scornful aim at the local community of Creole writers and poets, it was Padilla who, employing for the first time his symbolic nom deplume and "and the dikes of [his] ire overflowing," ended the assault with a stinging missive in verse, which brought its author immediate, wide, and largely admiring public attention.
Accroupi a vingt metres du sol, grand oiseau deplume et decharne, le coude pose sur le genou en un geste immemorial, il tendait sa main vers le ciel scintillant d'etoiles.
Auparavant, le projet de loi sur la BCT, au sujet duquel les deputes de l'ARP ont developpe une certaine peur schizophrenique par rapport au concept de l'independance, avait ete deplume.
Outre ces prix attractifs, le chaland a droit, au niveau de ces locaux, a un poulet parfaitement deplume apres son abattage.
L 'Antisemitisme deplume, 1940-1944: etudes et documents.
Khemissia semble n'avoir aucun sentiment et deplume tous les candidats a l'emigration clandestine.