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Synonyms for deployment

Synonyms for deployment

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the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work

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According to the global spectrum distribution pace and deployment scale, C-band and 2.6 GHz will become the first mature industry chain in 5G sub-6 GHz deployment.
Locsin said there would be no ground for martial law if the deployment of more troops contained and stamped out lawless violence.
The associated plans for the deployment of the other commands and field units will continue simultaneously with the deployment of other Sultan'??
He said political parties had expressed apprehensions over heavy deployment of army troops and giving them magistracy powers.
In the said AO, the Labor chief also lifted the deployment ban for domestic workers to Kuwait.
'But this time we will be stricter with their deployment....
The researchers found that the odds of SA during or after second deployment were increased among soldiers whose first deployment occurred within the first 12 months of service versus after 12 months and among those with a DT of six months or less versus longer than six months (odds ratios, 2.0 and 1.6, respectively), in multivariable models adjusted for sociodemographics, service-related characteristics, and previous mental health diagnosis.
Concerning the deployment ban in Kuwait, Bello said he is not inclined to recommend the lifting of the ban on domestic workers' deployment even after the proposed agreement with Kuwait is signed in April.
Deployment excellence in Desert Shield and Desert Storm equated to these three factors:
This integration between Redgate's deployment tools and SQL Monitor is a key piece of the database DevOps approach that companies and organizations are now starting to embrace.
The Overhead segment by deployment type is forecast to create incremental $ opportunity of more than US$ 800 Mn between 2016 and 2026.
Maxwell added that the team works with soda company vendors to ensure vending machines are in working order for the deployment and shipboard SHs are trained to use them.
The CDDP combines both policy and doctrine to assist commanders with the deployment readiness of their units/organizations, primarily focusing on individual and team deployment training requirements.
In summary, node deployment algorithms designed for UASNs need to address the adverse physical channel conditions and water mobility while staying energy-efficient [5].
More big names featured in the deployment category with Atlantis taking the Hospitality and Tourism Deployment of the Year award, the Abu Dhabi Department of Finance taking the Government Deployment of the Year award and Emirates NBD Group taking the BFSI Deployment of the Year award.
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