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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Troika SAN Volume Suite combines StoreAge Network Technologies' SVM software and Troika's Accelera Network Storage Services Platform, purpose-built for accelerating and optimizing applications, into a highly integrated, simple-to-deploy fabric based solution giving customers unprecedented flexibility in deploying and expanding storage services, while leveraging their existing infrastructure investment.
This is important, since deploying a storage solution developed with long-term product continuity in mind will return the highest level of investment protection.
Coast Guard personnel wrapped into the task force process upfront are able to provide on-the-spot guidance to deploying Soldiers with container packing requirements of hazardous material.
"This was a great opportunity to assist the deploying unit on all facets of deployment operations and it gave the battalion a chance to conduct the harder tasks of deploying a unit rather than receiving a unit,"
Radio Frequency Identification tags were used for 100 percent of the deploying cargo.
Deploying the VBrick solution to 85 units furthers TDC's mission of providing rugged, portable, and lightweight on-base communications that can be up-and-running immediately upon arrival at any site.
In the past, the option for a mid-size business that has not ventured into deploying a Fibre Channel SAN has been the unnecessary expense for the comprehensive feature set of an enterprise SRM package or having to go without.
Oracle has selected NetApp as a key storage provider for its storage infrastructure and is deploying NetApp FAS series, NearStore, and NetCache systems to build and maintain next-generation database and applications software.
"We have to synchronize deploying and redeploying units," Dunwoody told a luncheon meeting of the Washington Chapter of the National Dcfense Transportation Association, on Jan.
As the 599th moves the cargo, the Schofield Barracks-based group is transforming the process for deploying military equipment and cargo.
By combining both technologies and deploying disk as a staging area for tape backup, both short-term, high-performance backup and restore, and long-term archival of data are accomplished.
In addition to deploying the HP UDC, Philips Semiconductors Nijmegen further enhanced its IT organization, creating a highly professional environment.
When deploying on an existing network, this means understanding the available bandwidth of the links, switches and routers the iSCSI traffic will be carried over, and understanding the characteristics of the competing traffic.
"This deployment demonstrated that all modes of transport must be used to move deploying equipment from the point of origin to the ports, as inland transportation capacity would be quickly over-taxed if only one mode was employed," said Baker.
The integration of LightPointe FSO opens up additional opportunity to enhance network coverage by deploying remote antennas in routes and locations where terrestrial fiber is not available.
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