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Synonyms for deploy

Synonyms for deploy

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place troops or weapons in battle formation

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to distribute systematically or strategically

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Horse mounted police officials will be deployed in all major bazaars, while from Saturday night, the women police commandos will be deputed in Gora Bazaar of Peshawar Cantonment, which attract women shoppers in large numbers on Eid.
The public could also expect the visibility of fire trucks, rescue trucks, and other transportation vehicles would be deployed during the feast day of the Black Nazarene.
In the past, Airmen deployed as individuals or small elements in a system of tempo bands, based on their Air Force specialty codes.
When deployed to a designated combat zone, Soldiers may also wear the patch of the company-level or higher unit on their right sleeves.
Click on "Frequently Asked Questions" and go to the third question: "How Do I Establish a Deployed Publications Account?"
For a company to securely protect its network it needs to deploy best-of-breed internal network defense devices.
Most larger organizations have deployed spot [security] products, and have spent the last year catching up with compliance."
Now, every support unit preparing to deploy to Iraq goes through a convoy-ambush exercise with real bullets.
Nortel Networks has announced survey results that show businesses that deploy or plan to deploy converged networks have reached a new high.
Click-N-Drop's web-based interface, powerful user tools, wizards and templates make it easy to design, build, deploy, monitor, measure, and manage professional email campaigns and marketing programs in just minutes.
ITEM: When the Pentagon announced it would deploy missile defenses, ABC'S John McWethy complained on December 17th that, "the administration plans to spend $17 billion to rush into the field a system that may not work against a threat that critics say is remote."
In addition, two teams deploy to Cambodia once a year.
GSS SD Deploy is a deployment utility tool for Palm handhelds that allows educators to easily clone the configuration of one Palm handheld to other handhelds using the SD expansion slot.
The biggest challenge facing businesses attempting to deploy technology is accessibility.
Nowadays, Alabama's charter fishing boat captains and some local community groups buy and deploy specially designed concrete artificial reefs.