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Synonyms for deplorably

in an unfortunate or deplorable manner

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To a man of my sentiments, however, the subject is deplorably sordid.
But the execution is here and there deplorably rough."
Energy crisis is a burning issue in Pakistan nowadays which is being increased day to day with increasing population of the country which cited the more demand of the energy but deplorably was being neglected and no any viable plan seemed to put in amid to face the energy crisis.
"That company has behaved deplorably. Its business model of piling debt onto the balance sheet while stripping cash and security from the business has plunged thousands of workers and their families into horrific uncertainty while they attempt to line their own pockets from a future sale.
"The Westminster Government have handled the Brexit process deplorably since the moment the referendum result was announced, and just when you begin to think enough is surely enough; the cycle of broken promises, disappointment and confusion only continues to spin out of control.
But, he added, deplorably the anti snake venom vaccines were not available at the local hospitals.
He even asked the SC to sanction Pamatong who "deplorably trivialized the rules of procedure" and who "may be held liable for indirect contempt without prejudice to the corresponding administrative and criminal actions."
" Calida also asked the SC to sanction petitioner, who "deplorably trivialized the rules of procedure" and who "may be held liable for indirect contempt without prejudice to the corresponding administrative and criminal actions." He rebutted Pamatong's claim that Duterte's COC in the May 2016 presidential poll was invalid because his withdrawal of COC for mayor in Davao City and substitution for presidential bet of PDP-Laban were not allowed under the rules of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
He also urged the high court to act against Pamatong because he 'deplorably trivialized the rules of procedure.'
The government's accountability radiates beyond a single incident and encounter and involves myriad officers located in diverse and far-flung parts of its system.Similarly, contempt proceedings cannot be prosecuted in the deplorably summary fashion Kenya witnessed on live television.
Deplorably, a specific lobby continued to target me in one way or the other," Nisar said.
In fact, Washington bosses are very much worried (though not admitting this) over increasing tilt of hitherto-obedient Islamabad towards Beijing and Moscow as part of its independent balanced foreign policy instead of reliance on the so-called world human rights champion, who is quite deplorably keeping eyes tightly closed over gross human rights violations in held Kashmir and continued ceasefire line violations of the Line 0f Control (LoC) killing innocent civilians every day by India.
Honey, for unclear reasons, makes herself sexually available any time to her deplorably sexist, egocentric boss Peter Brock (Chris D'Elia).
Occupational Safety and Health care (OSH) have become so deplorably poor that it is visible in almost all sectors, particularly in transport, construction, ship-breaking yards and the chemical and leather processing industries.
They were humiliated by Dublin in last year's All-Ireland semi-final, played deplorably in last weekend's loss to Galway and have lost the retired Sean Cavanagh.