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capable of being depleted

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is, to shift the consumption of large volumes of finite (or depletable)
"Zero-emission or low-emission fuels are also better alternatives, fossil fuels and other depletable sources are not sustainable and contribute to climate change and global warming."
This way the lights could become effective additions to night lights across the globe, reducing our dependence on depletable and polluting sources of energy.
They, consider that the negative externalities are private or depletable externalities.
* Sand is recognized as a depletable mineral, and its sale to oil companies for well fracking is qualifying income.
The costs of technology-based resources usually decline over the long term, while the costs of depletable natural resources inevitably increase.
(The theory that willpower is a "depletable resource" has come under attack recently, but the basic correlation between tiredness and poor decisions seems solid.) And as Christian Jarrett explained at the creativity website the other day, it is only relaxing activities such as stretching, or social ones such as chatting with colleagues, that have been shown to deliver end-of-day energy benefits.
In relation to the extractive industry, that is, the mining sector, the ownership structure is 51% Zimbabwean and 49% foreign, because these are depletable resources.
Along with food, water and ammunition, power is a depletable resource for soldiers in the field.
Inspiration, creativity and motivation are depletable resources."
Solar energy was simply promoted as a renewable energy that could be endlessly exploited by the Arab world, compared to depletable fossil fuels, which should be conserved and efficiently used, not only in producing energy but also countless other useful products.
The Vision Oman 2020 aims at substantial transformation in the structure of the Omani economy by developing a multiplicity of income sources, instead of depending mainly on a depletable source like oil in order to achieve economic balance and sustainable growth.