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remove body hair

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In rainy season, these roads are worth seen and are further in depilating situations.
Production of alkaline protease by Bacillus subtilis and its application as a depilating agent in leather processing.
Superciliary incisions avoid depilating the hair follicles but leave a visible scar above the eyebrow.
The newly polished book that makes itself available to the reader is there equated to an adolescent slave who, after depilating his body to preserve his puerile looks, is eager to be put on sale and be owned by a new master.
Which reminds me of a friend who many years ago mixed depilating cream into hair conditioner to teach a sharp lesson to a thieving student housemate...
After shaving and depilating the back, a caudally based 3 x 11 cm dorsal skin flap was elevated with the panniculus carnosus on all 32 rats [20].