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remove body hair

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Therefore it seems that a number of men, and young males in particular, depilate in order to enhance the visual appeal of their bodies thereby enhancing the perception of smoothness, muscularity, and youthfulness of the body.
The majority of the women had the habit to depilate at home, however, it could be observed in the medical records, the prescription of trichotomy.
Of course I ignored the gizmo offering a close, comfortable shave as observant readers will notice that I rarely trouble the manufacturers of razors, having neglected to depilate since November 1975.
In Sweden, for example, women born in the 1970s or later tend to depilate or shave their genital area (Personal communication with several Swedish gynaecologists).
"I'm , alas, sere--help me , Tyson!" / Dex in setose sopor pled; "I'm a naif, fur-faced bison-- / 'Depilate' me, taliped!" "No, sib!
It would take months to depilate a large area such as a man's beard.
I'm delighted not least because that I can now put that part of my brain that exercised considerable energy every summer on the vexed question of how and whether to depilate to better use Striking is always a miserable experience and I would hate to smirk in the face of my fellow union members' dilemmas, but I have to say I did enjoy sitting up in bed after my sleepless night on Monday morning listening to Just a Minute instead of James Naughty or John Humphreys barking on Radio 4's Today programme.
The company's new Spray-Off Hair Remover, meanwhile, is designed to depilate, exfoliate and moisturize skin via a four-minute spray-and-wipe process.