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make impersonal or present as an object

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of New England, Australia) use a sociological perspective to examine how modern societies personalize technologies such as computers while "depersonalizing others and ourselves." Written for students and scholars of education, this volume focuses on the effect of technology-mediated communications in both the world and in school environments, noting increases in feelings of isolation, depression and uncivil behavior.
First, he completely erases the potentially dominant persona of a main narrator by turning to a series of depersonalizing descriptions, bare of emotive charges, through different voices and points of view: of photographs; of resumes; of events in the lives of a group of completely "insignificant" people, related to one another by coincidental threads (classmates, ex-lovers, neighbors, business partners) and the local ambience of the city of Salonica.
From the escalating problems from a caretaker's viewpoint to personality charms despite increasing limitations, A CURIOUS KIND OF WIDOW provides personal insights on a depersonalizing disease.
A series of specific stress management areas are specifically addressed including boundary setting, depersonalizing, diet, expectations, fear, grieving, rules, socializing, "playing the victim", and more.
"Since everybody else is depersonalizing shopping, retailers that put the personal back in will be greatly rewarded," explains Danziger.
Just as the individuals in the drawings have been liberated from the situational happenstance of the snapshot only to be subsumed within the equalizing serial form, the family members in the video are granted individual identities within the group by virtue of their cultural difference, but the random distribution of generic ethnic attributes also has the effect of depersonalizing them altogether.
These include, notably, the depersonalizing structuralist analyses of Robbe-Grillet, in opposition to the psychological and embodied approaches of feminist studies of Duras.
This transmogrification, which some mistake as emancipation, takes place through processes that are neither liberating or enriching, but depersonalizing, enslaving, self-destructive, preposterous, alienating, isolating, reductionistic.
Though he and de Bankole avoid turning Otomo into an all-out hero or victim, pic's message ends up depersonalizing him just the same.