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make impersonal or present as an object

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This categorization process produces a prototype-based depersonalized self, accentuating the perceived similarity between members (Turner, Hogg, Oakes, Reicher, & Wetherell, 1987).
I am speaking of the social wound of disconnectedness, alienation or depersonalized relationships.
Yeats's attempt to entirely subsume Ito's self-expression through an orientalized idea of depersonalized obedience in fact allowed Ito to subvert this attempted control.
Bendor compares it to when a surgeon takes a scalpel and cuts into the flesh of another human being: "The surgeon is actually not thinking of the person on the table as a father, a brother, or a son, but rather as a problem to be solved." Likewise, when attention shifts to the nature of a problem rather than the employee trying to solve it, "temperatures can cool down and you can focus on what needs to be done." Bendor adds that people at all levels in an organization can benefit from depersonalized, discerning feedback like this--even the CEO.
"The information is depersonalized and cannot be attributed to a specific user or company," Kaspersky Lab said.
Abel presents the roots of more depersonalized care for the dying because of the emphasis on medical intervention over investment in palliative support in the dying person's last days.
The condo was freshly painted in one of their favorite modern grey colors and the condo has been depersonalized and some of the oversized furniture has been removed.
"If you are depersonalized toward others and you're not treating them as other human beings in the physician-patient relationship, it seems reasonable that that's to be associated with poor communication skills and that could then lead to increased litigation risk," Dr.
In terms of education, and in particular in the case of the now hegemonic reality of the discourse "educational reform," the ecological perspective brings back from the shadows and attempts to forefront the thoughts, feelings, and understandings of individuals in an era of depersonalized and decontextualized educational reforms.
At the individual patient level, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations restrict data sharing, but in the aggregate with depersonalized data, great insights into morbidity trends and co-morbidity factors, network and provider management can all improve outcomes.
In view of the increasing pressure on physicians to curb health care costs and respond to patient complaints about depersonalized treatment, low-tech, low-cost measures are a win for everyone.
As now widely understood it grounds what aspires to be a thoroughly depersonalized epistemology.
A work of impressive yet readily accessible scholarship, "Interpersonal Communication" is highly recommended for academic and community library reference collections, college level courses in Communication, and to non-specialist general readers with an interest in interpersonal communications as a means of establishing and maintaining personal relationships in our increasingly depersonalized society.
Instead of a remarkable life detailed against the backdrop of its historical setting, it is the customary background elements that are foregrounded, with images of the author (and sometimes of the people close to her), as recorded in words, occasionally recalling that this apparently depersonalized narrative is told from an individual point of view.
Feminism teaches the danger of giving authority only to depersonalized "objective" voices.