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Synonyms for depersonalize

make impersonal or present as an object

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In the end, technology can depersonalize and "de-professionalize" a physician.
As technology tends to depersonalize service, so too does customer loyalty become weakened ("How Do You Maintain Service Quality ...," 1993).
"There's a fear that technology-based solutions will depersonalize our relationship with customers.
Another way of addressing the issue is to ensure all personnel are trained as to the wrongful nature of retaliation and convince supervisors to depersonalize complaints of discrimination.
"What makes the findings especially striking is the high acceptance of electronic information services even though both employees and employers believe they would depersonalize health care," said Woodburn.
More importantly, there was a tendency to depersonalize these consumers less than consumers with functional disabilities.
It is offensive to depersonalize people who have a biologically based disorder.
* People seem naturally predisposed to depersonalize complex systems.
As Dayan's subtly drawn one-man, one-act ends, it becomes clear why he had placed the flyers in the lobby--to bring attention to our own prejudices and intolerance: How easy it was for his character to be pushed by gang violence and working-class travails into a life of pseudo-religious fanaticism; how easy it is for us to depersonalize him and his ilk.
Tips for reflecting with adult ESL students include the following: give the learners time to gather their thoughts, depersonalize this very personal process, help learners acknowledge their biases from the start, help learners set points of reference, ask reasonable and focused questions and be realistic about the responses, and make reflection a regular activity.
The terms "saves" and "reduction of imbalanced skills" are extreme examples of the new language, but show how far some companies go to depersonalize the negative situation.
Although this would enable the pharmacist to document that his legal duty was fulfilled, it could also depersonalize contact with a patient.
Despite constant efforts to depersonalize the discussion (not coincidentally one of his criticisms of the field of science) the word "forgiveness" regularly resurfaces like a submarine with no storage capacity for oxygen.
At the same time, online instruction has the potential to depersonalize the teacher-student relationship and impede the teacher's ability to understand their students.
Just as Melanie Klein defined phantasy as merely the way we organize, perceive, and give form to our feelings, which are always ambivalent and conflicted by the coexistence of love and hate, we might also recall Juliet Mitchell's insistence that "the unconscious is ordinary." Against the tendency to personalize and psychologize the political, psychoanalysis enables us paradoxically to depersonalize and depsychologize the analysis of power relations by demanding the recognition of the ambivalence on which all social and psychic relations depend.