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make impersonal or present as an object

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The discussion of a type of sovereign control, as such, does not preclude or is not mutually exclusive to, the shared existence of a bottom-up and depersonalised disciplinary form of regulation.
My favourite is taken from a publication from that country in which a fight was described as "an escalated, depersonalised relationship".
Nor does the EU provide regular details on the quantity of data collected and exchanged, while the lines between the various databases seem porous and the distinction between private data and non-private data tends to be replaced by a distinction between private and operational data - with the second including anonymous' or depersonalised' data.
It's likely what upset your ex-girlfriend was the feeling of becoming depersonalised. You turned her into a sex object to keep you satisfied rather than treating her as a person.
"Originally, I'd called the song Depersonalised. I'm not even sure that's an actual word.
This issue is often depersonalised because it is too uncomfortable for people.
It all makes sense as individual measures.Unfortunately, taken as a whole,it becomes,like all bur eaucracies,a heavy-handed depersonalised soulless and inhumane machine.
I went four or five times last season, but even sitting in front of the screen, on the phone, with an online form book, the job is not really depersonalised by the technology - it's still about knowing your trainers.
"As a consequence one of the partners involved in the project is the University Hospital of Wales A&E unit who supply us with depersonalised data of people who arrive after having been involved in an alcohol-related incident."
"All data will be deleted" once the storage period ends, she said, before adding that data would be depersonalised after six months.
I mention this because I am upset by the attempt to turn young men (and a few women) into depersonalised 'heroes' once they have been killed as soldiers, usually in Afghanistan.
Our candidates around the country are getting involved in social action projects like this because we have a positive bottom-up view of society, in contrast to Labour's depersonalised, distrusting, top-down approach.
A party spokesman said: "We are disappointed that the Commission has depersonalised the names of many constituencies and will be making representations on this point."
A good percentage of the community would wish to be support - ive and co- operative but the w orkof the police (reported in the same edition: January 23 ``Crime rate down and arrests up'') will not befully acknowledged or appreciated if this depersonalised method of dealing with the public continues without some changes.