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(statistics) a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value depends on the independent variable

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In this research family ownership as an independent variable and corporate misconduct as a dependent variable. The research indicates that small family owned firm are smaller possibility to constrain misconduct than small non family owned firm.
Whereas in agribusiness and in food processing for every unit increase in the dependent variables will have an increasing effect: selling 100 kg fruits per day yield 10,000 rupees net profit per month, if 200 kg it will be 20,000 and if 300 kg it will go up by 30,000 rupees per month.
However, in case of Fig 10, the concentration of sulfate in SPM (dependent variable) increased as compared to concentration of sulfate in inert matter (independent variable).
For the fiscal years 2001 to 2015, we can measure the strength of each of our independent variables to our dependent variable (i.e.
I then account for shipments in two ways: in one I divide monthly thefts by (normalized) monthly shipments, which I refer to as the shipments normalization; and for the purpose of the regressions, I also account for shipments by adding shipments as a control without changing the theft dependent variable.
where [y.sub.jit] is the dependent variable, either employment or payroll for a specific NAICS code, i indexes counties, t indexes time, in years, and j indexes either employment or payroll in a particular industry.
Regression between the independent variables (quality of service) and the dependent variable (purchase intention) shows that there is significant positive correlation between these two variables.
In this analysis, we must identify those variables that are strongly correlated with the dependent variable, but superficially correlated among themselves.
Moreover, in time series or panel regressions, GRP growth coincident with unchanged oil sector output would increase the dependent variable while reducing the resource measure producing a negative [alpha], which would be a misleading outcome.
A single-subject study is considered to have positive effects when a functional relationship is established between the independent and dependent variables, resulting in a meaningful, therapeutic change in the targeted dependent variable for at least three fourths (75%) of the cases (depicted by tiers on a graph) in a study.
The results of regression with ROCA as a dependent variable and CCC are shown in Table 2.
The R-Value of the model showed a value of .76 showing that independent variables (internal, external and environmental factors) have a 76% effect on the dependent variable (selection of) which shows that up to 76% of the dependent variable is caused by the independent variables.
Unfortunately, Campbell rejects all means of controlling for those ups and downs that do not involve the use of a dependent variable lagged one or two quarters--a flawed practice for two reasons.