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(statistics) a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value depends on the independent variable

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Whereas in agribusiness and in food processing for every unit increase in the dependent variables will have an increasing effect: selling 100 kg fruits per day yield 10,000 rupees net profit per month, if 200 kg it will be 20,000 and if 300 kg it will go up by 30,000 rupees per month.
From correlation an index describing the linear relationship between two variables can be obtained; while in regression the relationship between the variables can be predicted and can be used to predict dependent variable from the independent variable.
A simple regression has one independent variable paired with a dependent variable, while multiple regression can have two or more independent variables with a dependent variable.
it] is a vector of explanatory variables that capture national economic conditions within each industry, and explanatory variables that capture county economic conditions, such as county unemployment, population growth rate, and a lagged dependent variable.
Regression between the independent variables (quality of service) and the dependent variable (purchase intention) shows that there is significant positive correlation between these two variables.
Moreover, in time series or panel regressions, GRP growth coincident with unchanged oil sector output would increase the dependent variable while reducing the resource measure producing a negative [alpha], which would be a misleading outcome.
In this analysis, we must identify those variables that are strongly correlated with the dependent variable, but superficially correlated among themselves.
Table 4 shows the results of the regression model with cost of equity as a dependent variable.
The study took into account a total of four variables of which the University was taken as the dependent variable, and the three independent variables included; environmental factors, internal factors and external factors.
It can be shown algebraically that the lagged dependent variable in Campbell's Model 2 (2012) simply disguises the impact of the president's party on economic performance.
Chest girth measured every 2 weeks (14-day) from 57 Il de france lambs up to 6-months of age, as the animal material, was treated as dependent variable whereas birth type, dam age, sex and live weight of animals were involved into the model as independent variables.
The above analysis estimates the conditional expectation of the dependent variable given the independent variable.
Under a steady state condition, the time derivative of each dependent variable in Eq.
We have chosen as a dependent variable the economic rate of return (ROA).