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Synonyms for dependant

Synonyms for dependant

a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support)

contingent on something else

Related Words

addicted to a drug

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Mark Moran, boxing: dependant onCourtenay Fry, boxing: dependant onqualification, light heavyweight preliminaries (from 1pm and 6.
Paul Smith, boxing: dependant on quali-fication, light middleweight preliminaries (from 6.
Some examples are: to provide assistance to make arrangements for the provision of care when a dependant falls ill, gives birth or is injured where arrangements for caring for a dependant unexpectedly break down to deal with an incident that involves a child of the employee and that occurs unexpectedly while the child is at school where a dependant has died or has been assaulted Q.
Who is defined as a dependant for the purpose of these rights?
They also fail to address the ultimate cause of fatal metastatic disease, namely the inevitable progression of androgen dependant tumor cells to androgen independence.
To assist the contracted employers in achieving their goals of decreasing the overall costs of their self-insured benefits related to pregnancies and improving birth outcomes, Matria will be enrolling the pregnant employees and dependants into the obstetrical assessment and education program.