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Synonyms for dependency

Synonyms for dependency

an area subject to rule by an outside power

Synonyms for dependency

the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else

being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

a geographical area politically controlled by a distant country

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Figures released by Public Health England show between December 24 and New Year's Eve, 114 people needed treatment in intensive care or high dependancy wards.
The moves follow revelations of troubled swimming great Grant Hackett, who developed a dependancy on Stilnox after being repeatedly being prescribed the drug by Australian team doctors, after which Coates asked AOC Secretary General Craig Phillips to review the medical manual.
I would argue it does when, in this region, 70% of the population is providing 'essential services' Surely a more balanced economy, with less dependancy on the public sector, is the way forward and to achieve this, there has to be a drive towards greater efficiency and productivity, with less emphasis on sheer numbers employed and cash spent, the doctrine of his former, and now exiled, Supreme Leader.
But Sally Livingstone has done just that, casting aside her dependancy on heroin and booze with the help of a Christian charity.
The pensioner had a successful abdominal operation before dying in the hospital's high dependancy unit.
Dependancy on combinations of cannabis and alcohol, ecstasy and ketamine and heroin and crack, usually with alchohol are all combinations which over the last four years have rocketed amongst young people.
Sam is recovering in the High Dependancy Unit of Alder Hey Children's Hospital, where he was transferred after the accident close to his Whiston home.
A further variability is to be measured in terms of Swift's increasing defensiveness (from about 1724) in the face of the damaging aspersion that Irish resistance to the coin was part of a broader policy of defiance towards Ireland's constitutional status as a dependancy of England.
Hospital admissions, including those to intensive care and high dependancy units are also soaring as hundreds of people fight the illness.
Thanks to the medics that have come through the trials that premature birth brings - intensive care, a high dependancy unit and then the special care baby unit.
Handing down the 10 years, the judge said he had no previous convictions for violence but the depths he sank to that night showed how dependancy on class A drugs could bring a person down to the lowest level.
According to the National Treatment Agency, more than 746 under-18s were nursed through their dependancy on the Class A drug this year, which is higher than 453 in 2005/6.
Dr Alison Bedford-Russell, clinical lead for South West Midlands Newborn Network, who is in charge of where babies are treated across Birmingham, the Black Country, Worcestershire and Hereford, said hospitals were now graded from routine Level One baby services (special care) to Level Two (high dependancy) and the most specialised care of Level Three (intensive care).
Her key message is that we must look beyond the dependancy culture to find our own solutions.