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Synonyms for dependance

being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else

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a -t-il ajoute soulignant l'importance de rechercher des produits alternatifs pour arreter la dependance.
Or, la petrochimie demeure aujourd'hui la voie a suivre pour pouvoir sortir de cette dependance petroliere[beaucoup plus grand que], explique-t-il.
Cette demande continuerait pourtant a etre le moteur de la croissance economique nationale, et ses effets impliqueront une reduction des opportunites d'emploi et de revenu, en plus d'accentuer la dependance de la demande interieure des importations et constituerait, en definitive, l'une des sources dont s'alimentent les equilibres interieurs et exterieurs du Royaume et [beaucoup moins que]l'un des facteurs a l'origine de la persistance de ses deficits sociaux[beaucoup plus grand que].
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They will also reduce the dependance of the country on outside powers.
India's Reliance Power will buy three hydropower plants from Jaiprakash Power Ventures for an undisclosed sum to cut its dependance on coal, the firm said Monday.
He had suffered seizures as a result of his dependance on alcohol.
China's dependance on external demand has weakened," Zheng said, which showed the country's economic development is transforming from being driven by external demand to domestic demand.
An inquest heard yesterday how Ms Hughes had a history of alcohol dependance and anorexia.
The 5,000-megawatt nuclear plant which will be built in the Black Sea province of Sinop, some 700 km east of Istanbul, is supposed to relieve Turkey's dependance on importing energy.
Les adversaires du projet, dont le parti gouvernemental de centre-droit GERB et les ecologistes, ont souligne qu'il accroEtra encore plus la dependance de la Bulgarie a l'egard de la Russie en matiere energetique.
BRUSSELS, May 9 (KUNA) -- The Energy Committee of the European Parliament has issued a report calling for opening up to new foreign energy suppliers and for lesser dependance on Russia for energy supplies to Europe.
RHUG estate is embarking on an ambitious project to cut its energy dependance.