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tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips

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One of the most outstanding features of the Chail Cricket ground though, is that it's surrounded by a dense cover of deodars.
According to reliable sources, hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of precious timber mostly comprising the old deodars uprooted by the flash floods and swept downstream in the Indus River have allegedly been taken out by the powerful timber mafia and smuggled to Punjab.
There is larch, Scots pine, flowering cherry, Wellingtonia, Deodars, fir, oak, ash, beech and birch, some recently planted on recommendation by the Forestry Commission.
As we drove down to the floor of the valley, the line of majestic deodars (cedars) gave way to a profusion of pine trees.
The sight of the Par 68 Naldehra Golf Course (2,200m), imbedded in a glorious meadow with stretches of undulating velvety grass lined at the margins with majestic deodars, is a tireless charm--till you step on it.
But the biggest prize is the deeply silent Landour walk that takes you through deodars, oaks, pines, firs and rhododendrons.