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tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips

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Qari Mohammad, a resident of Thal, claimed that only the Kumrat and Thal areas' dwellers cut the precious deodar trees worth Rs1 billion each year.
An azure water lake, a sanctuary of the trout fish; with lush green pasture around, and deodar trees in between the island the Mahu Dand, is best for camping in summer.
Why I mentioned Wilson is for the fact that he minted money by ruthlessly cutting deodar trees, floating them down the river to the plains, when the British were building the railways.
Surrounded by a wealth of deodar and walnut trees, the latter attracting more than their fair share of langurs for their ripening fruit, it is just the place to soak in some scenic beauty.
We chose Red Robin Photinia (Photinia fraseri) as a sample for broad-leaved plants and deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara) for needle-like or scalelike-leaved plants so that we might study the relationship between the arrangement of the foliage and their ability to reduce noise (Fang & Ling, 2003, 2005; MartinezSalaa et al.
Native to the Himalayas, of what is a deodar a type?
A Bel Air Patrol security guard told police he spotted the animal, thought to weigh about 175 pounds, walking through a residential area in the 4900 block of Queen Florence Lane near Deodar Lane about 11:45 p.
This striking arrangement is made with prunings from cotoneaster, deodar cedar, and juniper.
There are trees which speak to us of loss and mourning in their very shape and posture: deodar cedar from the Himalyas, the pendulous European beech and weeping Higan cherry.
The new trees planted today include 12 48-inch-box-sized California Sycamores and Deodar Cedars, plus 18 other 15-gallon-sized trees.
induing Solar based wtri Water Supply arrangement facility in different Anganwan Centre in remote area of Sarwan Block Phase-1 under OMFT fund under D %A% &S Division, Deodar year 2017-18 EMD value : INR 46000 Opening date : 16 Jan 2018 Period of contract : 45 days
PLANTATION DRIVE: The forest department has sowed chalghuza seed over 1,200 hectare area of Chitral Gol National Park (CGNP) to raise the population of deodar trees.
Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Saleem Khan told media persons that the campaign will continue till October where different species like Deodar, Chirpine, Poplar and others would be planted with the help of students, farmers, NGOs, civil society organizations, general public and forest staff to make GB lush green.
Besides, the apple and eucalyptus trees, chinar, poplar, deodar, fir, pine and mulberry are soaring in popularity, as they bear the fruit soon after plantation.
s oldest and most prominent Latino clans, and another of the Fujiokas, a handsome, middle-class Japanese-American family, posed beside their house as uprightly as the adjacent deodar trees.