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This indicates the disappearance of mechanical denudation at that time and is consistent with the results obtained for other areas of Central Europe (e.g.
* Class III: Incomplete denudation of facial root surface with (a) marginal bony bridge of [less than or equal to]2 mm width, or (b) paramarginal bony bridge of [less than or equal to]2 mm width.
The skin on his trunk and limbs showed extensive blisters and denudation of the epidermis in sheets involving more than 70% of the body surface area [Figure 1].
Not many were concerned with the larger power structures and social norms that continue to restrict women in many different ways all around the globe, providing a very certain denudation of the power of the woman to make informed choices at every point.
Chitral -- Residents of Arandu Gol have alleged that large-scale felling of green trees has been going on in their area for over two weeks but despite the arrest of five persons by security forces on the complaints of the locals the forest department was not taking any action to stop the denudation of the green area.
As an insurance against denudation a much larger percentage of the land, about 60 per cent, should be kept under forests for their protective functions in the Himalayas, the Deccan and other mountainous tracts liable to erosion.
The histopathologic features used in both these publications included the presence of endothelial cell swelling, endothelial cell denudation, noninflammatory crypt loss, wedge-shaped segmental ischemic injury, and interstitial edema with perivascular hemorrhage of fragmented RBCs.
Denudation of sole was observed from periphery of toe ulcer and loose horns were removed using hoof knife (Fig.
The histological changes (renal damages) were evaluated based on percentage of tubular damage (tubular necrosis, epithelial denudation and swelling) as 0% (normal tubular morphology), 25% (minimal tubular damage/swelling), 50% (mild tubular damage/swelling), 75% (moderate tubular damage/swelling), and 100% (severe tubular damage/swelling) according to the method of Hu et al.
Hypogene karst processes dominate the area, thus most collapse sinkholes are likely associated with surficial breaching of pre-existing hypogene cave by surface denudation.
The terminology remains tricky, as some SJS is mostly mucosal, without significant skin involvement, often triggered by infections, especially mycoplasma; other SJS has significant cutaneous involvement and can progress into the overlap category of SJS/TEN, when body surface area of blistering and denudation is in the 10%-30% range.
So we specially made a very simple wire tool and found a simple approach for a surgical technique that induces endothelial denudation.
In northern Moravia Quaternary comes from the denudation of mountain areas of the Kralicky Sneznik Massif, the Nizky and the Hruby Jesenik Mts.