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someone who makes dental appliances (bridges and dentures)

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Mr Burchell, one of just 30 new generation denturists registered, said he was shocked by the high number of hits on the website and had been beset with e-mail questions.
Mr Chudleigh said: "He referred her to a dentist and told her he wasn't a qualified dentist but a denturist.
Medical denturists are highly trained and skilled in the examination, evaluation and diagnosis of diseases and conditions of the head and neck and of the mouth and to provide treatment with prosthetic appliances, most notably; dentures or partial dentures," stated Ronald M.
Walker attended Vancouver City College in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he earned a diploma as a Denturist.
Dental hygienists in Maine can practice independently in all settings, thanks to a proposal submitted by a denturist.
He had worked in a bakery and as a guard, barber and denturist.
Eugene denturist Rusty Caccivio said the teeth could definitely be sanitized and reused, so long as they weren't crushed or broken during their long, strange trip.
he found work as a denturist, a job that brought him to Eugene in 1995 after spending 10 years in Tacoma and four in Cleveland.
The complete process is controlled by the same denturist, ensuring proper care and fit.
24 - Allows denturists to install partial dentures, authorizes dentist-denturist ventures .
We knew from the support in our own offices that this would be supported by Oregonians,'' said Phillip Dahl, a Roseburg-area denturist who is also president of the Oregon Denturist Association.
Measure 24: Would allow licensed denturists to install partial dentures; would authorize cooperative dentist-denturist business ventures.
The critical issue is that a denturist does not possess the proper training to fabricate a removable partial denture.
There's a certain part of the dentistry profession that would tell you denturists are unskilled," said Joe Quigley, a Eugene denturist.
One reason we're voting on Measure 24 is that it was the voters who brought the denturist profession into being in Oregon in the first place.