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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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Obviously, slim but short MDIs helped to preserve remaining alveolar bone volume and enabled mandibular denture stability and its well function.
Other than occlusal scheme, physiologic and anatomic factors including shape of alveolar ridge, size and position of tongue also have a role in denture stability.15,16
Mucocompressive impression technique records the tissues in their functional form so as to provide denture stability during function.
Hence, the results of comparative analyses of target features and oral health quality for statistically relevant differences have shown that the oral health quality is in accordance with the age and denture type and depends on the following: basic difficulties, IKP contact, tooth mobility, paradontopathy, parafunction activities of OF system (bruxism), arthropathy, time elapsed from tooth edentulation to denture embedding, denture stability, comfort/discomfort in wearing dentures, etc.
Thus it helps in maintaining denture stability; and the contacts on the non-working side prevent the denture form being dislodged from oblique forces.
The water molecules spread between the macromolecules of the material, forcing them apart and affecting the dimensional behavior and denture stability. Water sorption and solubility of these materials should be as low as possible [16].