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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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Research has suggested tin foil as the best separating medium resulting in acrylic dentures with less porosity and higher strength16, but cold mould seal is still popular and a widely used as a tin-foil substitute in denture fabrication17 which supports our study as all the dental technicians preferred using cold mold seal as a separating medium during denture processing.
The planned acquisition was a prime opportunity to diversify the group s business portfolio into the denture processing business.
Various techniques have been proposed for fabricating and positioning the internal metal bases during denture processing to overcome the disadvantage of the metal base.
Studies focusing on acrylic resin properties and laboratory steps for complete denture processing are common in the dental literature.
A postal survey on the methods of denture tooth preparation, prior to denture processing, was conducted amongst dental instructors in prosthodontic departments of dental schools in Great Britain and Ireland.