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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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It was recommended in that review that the incorporation of Nystatin in tissue conditioners or denture liners is able to treat or prevent oral candidiasis.
The square faces of PMMA bars were either treated with MMA (180 s) or left without surface treatment prior to adhesion of the 2 mm-thick denture liner.
5-mra-thick liner layer was applied by inserting each disc into a glass mould, pouring in the denture liner, placing glass slides over and both ends of the mold are firmly fixing them.
5% sodium hypochlorite solution is an effective denture cleanser for reducing microorganisms22 and it is also indicated for disinfecting denture liners and tissue conditioners preventing oral candidiasis.
Effect of denture cleansers on the hardness of heat- or auto-cured acrylic- or silicone-based soft denture liners.
Also available are a 24 pack of Denture Liners for upper or lower dentures for just pounds 4.
Effect of storage duration on the hardness and tensile bond strength of silicone- and acrylic resin-based resilient denture liners to a processed denture base acrylic resi, J.
Denture lining materials, which include tissue conditioners and soft denture liners, are widely used as adjuncts in the prosthodontic treatment and management of traumatized oral mucosa, and are most commonly used in association with the mandibular denture.
Complete and partial removable dentures, Denture liners, Tissue conditioners, Oral and maxillofacial appliances-cleft palate plates, maxillary supports etc
Routine usage may cause bleaching of acrylic resin and may have a harmful effect on soft resilient denture liners.
Color stability of heat-polymerized and autopolymerized soft denture liners.
Mese, "Bond strength of soft denture liners following immersion of denture cleanser", Biotechnol.