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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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Patients normally follow either one or both of the following methods of denture care: (1) use a soft denture brush with soap water and (2) immerse the complete denture overnight in denture cleansers.
Subjects of Group GK Guidance + Hygiene Kit (n = 16) received the same leaflet and instructions of group G and also received a hygiene kit containing a recipient for immersion of dentures, recipient for storing the sodium hypochlorite solution and a denture brush.
These included brushing with the patient's own toothbrush, brushing with an office denture brush utilized on all patients' prostheses, hand scaling, spraying with a disinfectant, rubber cup polishing, rinsing with water, storing in mouthwash, or dry storage.
Included in the Brimms line is Ban-A-Stain, Denture Bath, CurvClean, Denture Brush and Denurite Denture Cushion.
which has been marketing such care products for half a century, is currently focusing on six items -- the Denture Bath, Quick-Fix, Ban-A-Stain, CurvClean denture brush, Denturite denture cushions and Plasti-Liner cushions denture strips -- utilizing on-pack coupons to enhance sales.