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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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5,6,7] Females outnumbered Male patients in our study which is consistent with some studies [6,7,8] and was different from finding of some other studies [2,5,8,9] Dental caries leading to reversible and irreversible pulpitis and subsequently manifesting as acute conditions like dentoalveolar abscess and chronic suppurative osteomyelitis was the commonest oral disease in the present study.
The extraction had been performed to aid the drainage of what was suspected to be a chronic dentoalveolar abscess in the upper alveolus and hard palate on that side.
These findings were consistent with a chronic dentoalveolar abscess associated with tooth 41, hence there was no requirement for confirmation with a radiopaque marker to be inserted into the draining sinus.
Loss of tooth vitality as a result of trauma is a well-known complication, which can lead to a chronic dentoalveolar abscess with a draining cutaneous sinus.
Genetic Heterogeneity of Prevotella Strains Involved in Dentoalveolar Abscess