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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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Secondly, GSE may interact with the organic portion of the root dentine through Proanthocyanidin (PA) collagen interaction, thereby stabilising the exposed collagen matrix [Qian et al.
Seow and her co-workers [1999 a and b] speculated that resorptive cells from the surrounding bone get into the dentine through a breach in the external covering of the developing tooth.
In the research presented here we have used a new technique which utilises high-precision dentine increments, allowing us to increase temporal resolution and identify dietary patterns over very short periods of an individual's early life.
A 2004 study examined abfraction in teeth with cervical enamel that has been undermined (the dentine beneath has begun to erode).
To whiten your teeth without pain your dentist can cover the exposed dentine with a toothcoloured resin, and a week before your whitening procedure you can apply desensitising agent twice a day.
These ingredients are naturally attracted to exposed dentine, forming an optimum barrier to acids contained in food and drink within five days.
The second scenario implies a different biological effect on dentine of different animals.
Deficits in psychologic and classroom performance of children with elevated dentine lead levels [published erratum N Engl J Med 331:616-617].
Placoid scales develop in the upper layer of the dermis as dermal papillae (scale primordia), which eventually differentiate into an innermost dental papilla, a layer of odontoblasts that secrete dentine, and a layer of ameloblasts that secrete enamel (Kemp 1999).
Tip: Avoid any whitening pastes that feel gritty as these will scrub away the enamel along with the stains - bad news once you've rubbed away your tooth's outer covering and exposed the brown dentine underneath.
Batty (8), after some experience, was able to isolate the organism from the dentine of 90% of subjects studied, while Mitchell and Crow (27) isolated A.
The banner was decorated with packs of Clorets, Dentine, Trident, Chiclets and other brand-name U.
The method consists of counting GLGs found in the dentine and cement of the animals' teeth, which are deposited every year in most species (Klevezal, 1996).