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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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The RDA scale compares toothpaste abrasivity to standard abrasive material and measures the depth of cut at an average of 1 millimetre/100,000 brush strokes on dentine. This comparison generates abrasive value that would be safe for daily use.
Cutler (14) suggested that nanosized titanium dioxide and dental abrasive agents can be used together in occluding open dentine tubules.
In VDRR cases, in spite of the impairment of dentine mineralization, it is known that the odontoblastic cell function is normal (15,16).
The coronal region was defined as the dentine-pulp tissue above the cementoenamel junction, whereas the apical region included 2-3 mm of apical root (dentine and mature pulp tissues).
The prevalence of dental caries (dentine lesions) in primary dentition, calculated according to the CAST instrument and the WHO criteria was 67.73% and 71.26%, and for the permanent dentition it was 6.73% and 9.63% respectively.
(1992) Prevalence and distribution of cervical dentine hypersensitivity in a population in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Tideglusib changes this outcome because it turns off the GSK-3 enzyme, which stops dentine from forming.
However, EndoREZ system was found to have poor bond strength to root dentine due to the polymerization shrinkage of its sealer [8, 9].
No statistically significant difference was found in the remaining dentine thickness at 1mm, 4mm, 7mm and 10mm from the apex of the teeth prepared with in K-3 versus ProTapers system (p>0.05).
2###BLO###Enamel loss just exposing dentine < 1/3 of the surface
For example, it takes an average of four to eight years for decay to progress from the tooth's outer layer (enamel) to the inner layer (dentine),' Evans noted.
Dental schools around the globe teach students that the preparation of a carious lesion for a restoration requires removal of all infected dentine (dentine where the collagen within the tissue has been broken down and bacteria are present within the dentinal tubules) however there is a growing consensus that affected dentine (partially deminerC...
In a breakthrough study at King's College, London; scientists have found that a drug designed to treat Alzheimer's was able to stimulate the tooth to create new dentine capable of filling in large cavities.