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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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Tideglusib changes this outcome because it turns off the GSK-3 enzyme, which stops dentine from forming.
Conclusion: The remaining dentine thickness of the root canals prepared with K-3 files was similar to that of canals prepared with ProTaper files.
I###Enamel loss and substantial dentine loss but no pulp exposure
Biodentinetm (Septodont, Saint-Maur-des-Fosses, France) is a relatively new material, which is the first all-in-one bioactive and biocompatible dentine replacement, based on the unique biosilicate technology.
Laurent et al [24] was the first to show the promising biological properties of Biodentine on human fibroblast cultures and reported that angiogenesis, recruitment of progenitor cell by inducing odontoblasts differentiation, and cell differentiation generates deposition of a reactionary dentine as well as dense dentine bridge.
This concept creates a pivotal shift in the management of dental caries, for instead of removing carious dentine, clinicians can now be seeking a medicament that assists healing within the carious dentine (similar to iodine on a wound) that will form a protective barrier against ongoing decay, obC.
17) first used this laser for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity.
2,12,13) However, in recent years, some scientists have suggested that direct radiation damage can ratchet up the progression of radiation caries; in their studies, morphological and physical changes in both human and bovine dentine were documented after radiotherapy.
Dentists, psychologists, sociologists, and scientists from the UK, US, China, and Canada present 18 chapters that outline a person-centered approach to oral health care and research using dentine hypersensitivity as a case study.
When hydrogen per oxide is applied on the tooth surface, it diffuses through the enamel into the enamel dentine junction and then into the dentine where it reacts with the chromophores, leading to the reduction in color11.
Dentine sensitivity is defined as short, sharp pain from exposed dentine in response to thermal, tactile, osmotic, or chemical stimuli that cannot be ascribed to any other dental defect or disease [1].
Over time our teeth darken as a result of the dentine beneath our enamel getting tougher at which point teeth whitening procedures can help to brighten your smile.
This means that no dentine is exposed and hence there is no post-operative sensitivity.
The heavily worn teeth in the specimen are evidenced by the loss of the majority of the dental crown and, on the occlusal surface, by large areas of exposed dentine surrounded by a thin rim of remnant enamel.
Despite a drill's proven efficacy in removing carious tissue, the conventional drilling technique presents negative experiences to the patient, such as tooth vibration, noise, heat and pressure on the pulp, dentine sensitivity, the possibility of overextending the cavity and healthy tissue removal.