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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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* Previous reports have demonstrated the advantageous viscosity and rheological action of the CHX gel that keeps the smear layer and debris in suspension, yielding cleaner dentinal wall surfaces when compared with NaOCl.
(12,22-31) Other advantages of this association are: high pH, (22-25) substantivity as a result of the presence of CHX, (12,28) as a physical barrier against the reinfection of the canal, (12) radiopacity, (29) and diffusion through the dentinal tubules, (29) which is an important factor for the treatment of external inflammatory root resorption.
Nevertheless, patients undergoing periodontal therapy often report experiencing discomfort in the form of dentinal hypersensitivity (DH), characterized by a short sharp pain that can be explained by the theory proposed by Brannstrom in 1966, which propound that a stimulus-induced shift in the movement of the intratubular fluid (either inward or outward) can activate pulpal nociceptor, resulting in pain (2,3).
"For example, we could develop acid-resistant bandages that can infiltrate, mineralise, and shield exposed dentinal tubules (microscopic channels) in human teeth for the treatment of hypersensitivity." The team found a protein that is able to trigger the growth of crystals, in a similar way to how crystals grow when dental enamel develops in the body.
This study showed that histologically speaking, dentinal Bridges were formed directly under the two capping materials: Biodentine and MTA.
Enterococcus faecalis is the most frequently isolated bacteria with treatment failure after root canal treatment (8) that can penetrate to depths between 160 and 1000 [micro]m into the lateral dentinal tubules (9).
Moreover, gingival recessions can predispose to root caries development and/or dentinal hypersensitivity [1, 3].
Her oral examination was nonremarkable on the affected left side with deep dentinal caries with respect to 18 (Figure 2) and pulp stones with respect to 16 on the right side (Figure 3).
When teeth begin to lose minerals, dentinal fluid from within the tooth percolates through the breached enamel site and enables the ECD to complete its electrical circuit.
ART is based on the knowledge that the dentinal layer has the potential for remineralization of calcium phosphate if a soft destroyed dentin is removed.
In hard tissue application, the laser is used for caries prevention, bleaching, restorative removal and curing, cavity preparation, dentinal hypersensitivity, growth modulation and for diagnostic purposes, whereas soft tissue application includes wound healing, removal of hyperplastic tissue to uncovering of impacted or partially erupted tooth, photodynamic therapy for malignancies, photo stimulation of herpetic lesion.