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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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That is why the biocompatibility of the obturation material, the antimicrobial effect, as well as the sealing and adaptation ability of the material used over dentin walls, are important preconditions for achieving that goal [3].
High stress concentration in the dentin wall at the thread ends of all posts tested was observed for all models (Figure 2C).
The RealSeal sealer (SybronEndo) groups were dried with suction and 1 or 2 paper cones, to maintain moisture in the dentin walls. Following the manufacturer's instructions, RealSeal sealer and taper .04 #40 Resilon cones (Resilon Research, LLC, Madison, USA) were placed by a lateral condensation technique.
The best results regarding the cleaning of the dentin walls of the root canals were obtained from Group 1, followed by Group 5, Group 2, Group 7, Group 8, Group 3, Group 6 and Group 4, respectively.
A low-vacuum environmental scanning electron microscope - ESEM (Tabletop Microscope TM3030, Hitachi, Japan) was used to evaluate endodontic smear layer removal from the dentin walls, avoiding the gold coating requirement, which could hinder the analysis.
One of the cases showed partial survival of pulp tissue juxtaposed with fibrous connective tissue that formed intracanal cementum on canal dentin walls. Bone or bone-like tissue, the so-called intracanal bone, and connective tissue similar to periodontal ligament were also present in the canal space surrounding the intracanal cementum and/or intracanal bone.
The antimicrobial efficacy of the erbium, chromium: yttrium-scandiumgallium-garnet laser with radial emitting tips on root canal dentin walls infected with Enterococcus faecalis.
It gave excellent working time at high temperature and its sticky consistency made it possible to adhere well with root dentin walls. It may be the reason which gave polyurethane better results than GP with 10% HA.
(7) It has been further established that removal of the smear layer will enhance the adhesion of root canal sealers to the surface of dentin walls.
It is precisely at this point, when the file is pushed against a wall, that a deviation from the original canal shape results and then the operator creates his or her own shape when the files are forced into the dentin walls and bind, removal may result in breakage (3).