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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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The push-out bond strength of ERRM to root dentin is significantly higher when CH is used as an intracanal medicament as compared to an intracanal medicament containing antibiotics.
"They come to the clinic with the complaint that they have caries, but actually, the problem is caused by dentin exposure due to improper brushing with [a] very abrasive toothpaste, for example, combined with frequent consumption of large amounts of acidic foods and beverages," said Professor Ana Cecilia Correa Aranha, Joao-Souza's supervisor and a co-author of the article.
(22), Er:YAG laser removed both infected and affected dentin. Another possibility to improve selective caries removal is the application of fluorescence feedback-controlled (FFC) Er:YAG laser, a combination of a diagnostic device and Er:YAG laser.
The mission of laser energy could indicate a way to disinfect areas deep within the dentin (14).
Many bacteriostatic, bactericidal, and remineralizing materials can be applied to the remaining dentin after selective caries removal [1, 10], but no consensus exist on which liner would be the most suitable for teeth undergoing selective caries removal [5, 10].
The results of our study will provide a foundation for the future use of CPC-chitosan-metformin composite for cell-based dentin and other tissue regeneration therapies.
Dentists specializing in implants and restorative dentistry explain how to determine the cause of cervical dentin hypersensitivity and loss of hard tooth substance at the cemento-enamic junction--noncarious cervical lesions (NCCLs)--rather than just treating the symptoms with various modalities as most dentists do.
Forty extracted human molars without any defects were collected, mounted in plastic rings of 1-inch diameter with cold cure acrylic resin, and the occlusal surfaces were ground flat using a diamond disc with a water coolant at slow speed to expose the dentin. The specimens were then divided into two groups with 20 specimens in each group according to the restorative material used.
It has been confirmed that after the primary dentin has been completely formed, the odontoblasts found in the dental pulp lose their activity and need to be replaced by newly differentiated progenitor cells originating from the perivascular niche of the dental pulp [16].
The tooth is made of three layers: the outer tooth enamel, an underlying dentin layer and connective tissue that binds the roots to the gum.
Hydrogen peroxide, Keenan explains, can pierce through the enamel and infiltrate dentin, which contains about 90-95 percent of the protein collagen.
By definition dentine hypersensitivity is "pain arising from exposed dentin, in response to external stimuli such as thermal, tactile, osmotic or chemical that cannot be explained by any other form of dental defect or pathology." [4]
The irrigation solutions may influence the adhesion to radicular dentin. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) as a final irrigant has a negative influence on bonding when epoxy resin-based sealer is used (9).
Pulpal wound healing, including reparative dentin formation, is a complex multifactorial process orchestrated by discrete but overlapping steps of migration, proliferation, and mineralization of pulp cells, (1) formed by odontoblast-like cells presumably differentiated from DPSCs.