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having a very finely toothed margin

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The denticulation became stronger and the basal cavity changed from partially inverted in Wa.
Denticulation pattern of paired tarsal claws on left leg (prolateral/retrolateral row): I 5/5, II 3/3, III 3/2, IV 3/3.
shares with Agnostopelma Perez-Miles & Weinmann 2010 the urticating setae of the type III, the reduced number of labial cuspules, the denticulation of paired tarsal claws, the absence of stridulatory apparatus and the presence of two prolateral keels, PS and PI, in male palpal bulb.
The denticulation pattern and size of the transversal ridges are more stable, with the exception of ontogenetic changes discussed below.
there is variation in the number of denticulations on the lower lobe of the internal branch: Usually there are 5 on the left cercus and 3-4 on the right one (Fig.
Proximal portion of the ventral margin with a series of several small denticulations, median and caudal limbs elongate; femora faintly swollen in the pregenicular region, genicular lobes produced round and acuminate caudal metatarsi forming distinctly more the half of the entire tarsal length.
It is present as follows: light brown to dark yellow; darker than abdomen; lateral margins (around eyes) darker; wider than long; with 2 small eyes; setae short with terminal denticulations; surface usually not granulate, region around eyes granulate; anterior transverse furrow shallow, narrow, and slightly curved posteriorly; and posterior furrow absent.
The use of bone indentors permitted the creation of denticulations or serrations that further enhanced the lacerating potential.
Posterolateral edges of the scales sometimes bear rounded denticulations (Fig.